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Welcome to a double delight at The Bar and the Davidoff Lounge! Here, you'll experience the perfect symbiosis of unique drinks and an upscale atmosphere. The innovative bar concept invites you to an evening of enjoyment and relaxation.

Please be advised that the BAR&Davidoff Lounge will be closed on the following days:
01 May 2024  |  03 May 2024 |  09 May 2024  |  20 May 2024  |  30 May 2024


The Bar, with its open concept, is the ideal place for unforgettable evenings filled with laughter and fun with friends. Our dedicated bar team led by James Vetter, our Head Mixologist, has crafted over 20 unique cocktails on the menu – all original creations (classics not included)! The focus is on whisky, mezcal, and rum-based drinks. Don't miss out on our brand-new non-alcoholic cocktails, prepared with selected Ronnefeld teas. Right next door, the Davidoff Lounge awaits, the only smoking lounge at Frankfurt Airport. Here, cigar enthusiasts can enjoy exclusive cigars in an elevated atmosphere. But that's not all! Immerse yourself in a world of smoky whiskies, authentic cognacs, and extraordinary cocktails. Cheers!
  • Our Head Mixologist

    Our Head Mixologist

    James Vetter, the Head Mixologist of The Bar and the Davidoff Lounge, captivates not only with his distinctive kilt-clad style but also with a diverse background. As a half-Scot, raised in Aberdeen, he infuses his love for whisky into the bars. After years as an entrepreneur in the spirits and cigars industry, he now dedicates himself to crafting exquisite cocktails and maintaining a premium bar atmosphere. His mantra: Guests should experience new taste moments every day. With insight, experience, and expertise, he creates bespoke drinks tailored to the preferences of his discerning patrons. James is not just an expert in cocktails, whisky, and cigars but also a passionate opera enthusiast, swimmer, and cyclist. During his leisure time, he enjoys relaxing with a cigar on the terrace and deepening his knowledge through the study of cocktail books. A versatile connoisseur, he conjures up new taste experiences in The Bar and the Davidoff Lounge. Get to know him and let yourself be "seduced" by his drinks.
  • Swing Brother Swing

    Swing Brother Swing

    Ready for a unique cocktail experience? Our latest recipe brings the classic diversity of bourbon, the smoky charm of whisky, and the elegance of Danzig Goldwasser into the glass. Simple to make, yet with a wow factor that elevates the home bar to a new level. Cheers!

Davidoff Cigar Menu

Discover a unique smoking experience in our Davidoff Lounge – the only smoking bar at the airport! Here, exclusive cigars from the house of Davidoff await you. Craving a flavorful journey? Click on the link and delve into our cigar menu. Indulge in the finest tobacco culture at the Davidoff Lounge, where pleasure and ambiance converge.
Tabaco Y Chanel

Tabaco Y Chanel

Discover the perfect duo! Our unique drink combines two favorite spirits of our Head Mixologist: Scotch Single Malt and Amontillado Sherry. The result? A fascinating blend of spicy nuances meeting dark fruitiness. All accompanied by a Davidoff Nicaragua cigar – a puro made from 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigar, with its delightful coffee and dark chocolate notes, complements the taste of this drink perfectly. Why this pairing? Because it's simply unbeatable!


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