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Flavors for us represent a culinary highlight! Here, it's not just about gastronomy but also the art of savoring. Our expansive show kitchen provides a fascinating glimpse into the creation of our dishes, while our Dry Ager (aging cabinets) ensure that only the tenderest and most flavor-rich meat graces your plate. Our dedicated sommelier, always on the lookout for rarities, curates a wine cellar that has the perfect drop for every palate. Rest assured, our sommelier will accompany you with expertise and passion in making your selection.

Please be advised that the restaurant Flavors will be closed on the following days:
01 May 2024  |  03 May 2024 |  09 May 2024  |  20 May 2024  |  30 May 2024

Flavors restaurant

Your Taste, Our Flavors

At Flavors, we take our name seriously. Our talented chefs craft dishes that are not only delicious but also bring together a variety of flavors and taste profiles. Immerse yourself in the world of Flavors and let us take you on a culinary journey where quality, passion, and enjoyment take center stage.

Asparagus Season in our Flavors

A warm welcome to asparagus season! Enjoy the bounty of the season - from tempting asparagus cream soup to delightful white asparagus from Griessheim – our selection will tantalize your taste buds.Whether you opt for tender Wiener Schnitzel, exquisite Pata Negra ham, or hearty Prosciutto Cotto, each dish promises a culinary experience of the highest caliber. And for a sweet finale: an irresistible combination of strawberries and rhubarb asparagus that will make your taste buds dance. "Flavors" delivers on its promise!
  • Dry-Aged Steaks

    Dry Aged Steaks

    Immerse yourself in the unique world of Dry Aged Steaks. Aged for over 21 days in Dry Ager (aging cabinets), our bone-in T-Bone, Club, and Porterhouse steaks offer a distinctive and intense flavor. Our premium meat, sourced from Germany, is expertly cut into various sizes by our in-house butcher. In the show kitchen, it's grilled live and served with homemade Café de Paris butter - perfect for solo enjoyment or sharing. Discover the perfection of Dry Aged Steaks, pleasure with every bite.


    If you're a true meat lover seeking something extraordinary, inquire with our service team. We often have off-menu specialties, such as the Tomahawk from German beef, aged for 21 days in the Dry Ager, with a weight of approximately 1,200g - a taste sensation!

Dessert & Wine

...tastes doubly delightful! Pair, for instance, the Lemon Posset - with pistachio ice cream, berries, and biscuit - with a sweet wine. This creates a harmoniously balanced moment where the wine complements the fresh, zesty flavor of the dessert while accentuating its delightful creaminess. A delicious conclusion that perfectly rounds off the menu!

Wine Treasures

In addition to an extensive wine list, our sommelier also curates a "Treasure Menu" featuring over 40 rare wines from Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. In some cases, only up to 3 bottles remain in the cellar – these wines are increasingly hard to find, even directly from wineries or in the market. Take a peek at this "Treasure Menu," seek advice from the sommelier, and indulge in wine enjoyment at the highest level.

Aperitif from Germany

Explore our world of Flavors with 7 unique German gins, paired with 5 different tonic waters. The perfect prelude before dinner! Try, for instance, our refreshing Bembel Gin from Hessen, which delights with a hint of apple. Alternatively, opt for the non-alcoholic Siegfried Wonderleaf Gin from North Rhine-Westphalia – a fantastic choice for guests who prefer not to consume alcohol. Start the evening with a classic aperitif and be surprised by the diverse Flavors combinations.


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